The most annoying people at Blackjack

Do you like playing a game of Blackjack when you are at the casino? Nothing wrong with that, of course, but you are there for fun and to enjoy yourself as much as possible. If there are other players that annoy you, that is of course not so much fun.

Did you just choose the wrong table again apparently because someone plays there who does not make the game more fun for the rest.

You meet all kinds of people at the Blackjack table

There are various types of players that you hope not to encounter at the Blackjack table where you have joined for a portion of fun entertainment. Keep in mind that you can always find all kinds of players and that you are not guilty of the behavior that would otherwise annoy you. By the way, it can also be staff members and not all other players who make it a bit less fun.

The player who always criticizes another

To begin with, we mention the player who is always critical. And not on his or her own game of course, but on that of other players. Not nice of course if they criticize your way of playing or brag about good they themselves are not in the game. It’s time to disappear from the gaming table before they ruin everything for someone else and destroy the atmosphere.

The waiter or waitress who is nowhere to be seen

If you have just gotten into the game and you naturally get thirsty. With some bad luck, there is no waitress or waiter in sight at that moment and you can continue to crave your drink. And of course you would like to have a drink before you have put all your money into gambling. Just be sure to see them when you run out of money to bet or when you go home… but then you don’t have to, of course.

The superstitious player

There are quite a few people who are quite superstitious when it comes to gambling. You should take this seriously because other people believe in it. Even if you don’t do this and you know that you will not change the order in which the cards appear during the game of Blackjack after they have been shuffled. Be careful not to be blamed for a bad card because you put your glass wrong, for example, or just because it is your turn before them. In the same way, they ruin your whole game, just because of their superstition. Which they still fully believe in.…