Types of players at casino

The compulsive player

Another type of player is the one who plays compulsively. At the online live casino malaysia Blackjack table it is not customary for you to touch the cards, but many players tend to arrange their set of cards neatly each time. If you do this, you have the chance that you will be sent off the table and thus delay the game for the other participants. So don’t do it and just stay off it even if you want to touch it so badly.

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The player who chats too much during the game

An important thing, especially for players new to Blackjack, is that you keep your mouth shut and don’t ask questions. The dealer is there to do his or her job and not to give you advice during the game. This will only slow you down during the game and you will not be thanked by the other players. If you already get advice, it will be so general that it will not help you.

The player looking for friends

Don’t assume that you will befriend anyone at the Blackjack table. After all, you come to play and not for anything else. Sure, you sit with people at the table who also enjoy playing this game, but the similarity often ends there. A little chat with your fellow players is allowed and is also social, but do not exaggerate and do not keep talking but focus on the game.

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